New WCLRA Booklet: “Washburn County Waters: Let’s Keep them Healthy”

The WCLRA Communication Committee is pleased to announce availability of a booklet covering most of the current topics and threats related to our lakes, rivers, streams, and wetlands. This booklet is an updated version of a larger-format publication our group produced in 2016 for some special educational events held that summer. The new version includes…

Lake Nancy decontamination station

County Watercraft Decontamination Ordinances

In January 2022, Sawyer County passed a watercraft decontamination ordinance similar to the one we have in Washburn County. There are now a total of six counties in northwest Wisconsin (Washburn, Burnett, Polk, Bayfield, Barron and Sawyer) with ordinances requiring boaters to use decontamination stations at landings where they exist.  Burnett and Washburn Counties were the first,…