Lake Nancy decontamination station

County Watercraft Decontamination Ordinances

In January 2022, Sawyer County passed a watercraft decontamination ordinance similar to the one we have in Washburn County. There are now a total of six counties in northwest Wisconsin (Washburn, Burnett, Polk, Bayfield, Barron and Sawyer) with ordinances requiring boaters to use decontamination stations at landings where they exist.  Burnett and Washburn Counties were the first,…

Rain garden

What Happens On Your Lawn Doesn’t Stay On Your Lawn

Sometimes less is more. In the case of lawn care, that approach can be helpful to both you and the environment, lakes, wetlands and rivers.

In Northwest Wisconsin many lakes and streams provide an abundance of year-around recreation and the outdoors provides an experience of peace and tranquility. During COVID-19, we are especially fortunate to be able to de-stress with a walk in the woods, boat on a lake, or fish a stream.  Awareness of the impact of human activities and proper care will ensure continued enjoyment. Lawn care greatly impacts our waters – minimal lawn chemical treatments, leaves and grass clipping management and shoreland protection are all examples of ways to lessen the impact.