Make a donation to our special projects funds.

There are three of these:

  • The Education Fund supports programs and activities to inform the general public—both youth and adults—about the importance of protecting our waters, including ways they can help.  One of these programs is our Youth Environmental Stewardship program, a partnership with the Hunt Hill Audubon Sanctuary and the Long Lake Protective Association.  We send children from the four Washburn County school systems to Hunt Hill for field days to study water quality and become aware of the importance of protecting our waters.  To donate to the Education Fund, click here.
  • The Preservation Fund is used for projects that directly further the protection of important water resources in our county.  These include matching grants, AIS programs and water resource protection.  Recent examples include the acquisition of 260 acres along the Totogatic River and 125 acres along Potato Creek, a tributary of the Namekagon.  We don’t retain ownership of these lands, but donate them to partners who will see to their protection into the future.  To donate to the Preservation Fund, click here.
  • The Discretionary Fund supplements membership dues as another source of funds for the general operations of the organization and its programs.  The donor allows the Board of Directors to identify needs and determine the best use of these donations.  To donate to the Discretionary Fund, click here.