Remove aquatic invasive species from boats and trailers when entering or leaving a lake or river .

Wisconsin law forbids the transport of aquatic species.  Before you put your watercraft in a lake or river or when you take it out of a lake or river, you must carefully remove all plants and animals and drain all water including water in live wells.  If possible, disinfect the boat and trailer with a dilute bleach solution.  This last step is important to kill microscopic organisms such as the larval stage of the dangerous zebra mussel.  Some landings provide decontamination stations and Washburn County law requires the boat and personal water craft operator to use them.  But a spray bottle containing a weak solution of bleach and water can be used by everyone anywhere.

Washburn County’s Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) website  discusses the main species of concern in Washburn County, mapped areas, controlled areas of some species and decontamination.

More information about how to prevent the spread of aquatic invasives is available from the DNR here.