Protecting the Waters
What you can do

Join your lake association or form one

Restore/ Protect a vegetative
shoreland buffer

Follow WDNR pier regulations
in dock placement

Do not remove coarse woody debris
from near shore waters

Learn about Aquatic Invasive
Species (AIS)

Remove all AIS from boats and trailers
when leaving a lake

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Love Your Lake?  Shorelands are Important!

Washburn County is blessed with many high quality lakes.  Unfortunately, this is not true for some parts of Wisconsin.  So what makes Washburn County lakes so attractive to those who enjoy time in and on them? » Read more

Zebra mussels on a native mussel - photo courtesy of MN DNR

Washburn-Burnett Counties Mobilizing Against Zebra Mussels

In October 2016, an alert property owner found two zebra mussels on the southern shore of Big McKenzie Lake which straddles the Burnett-Washburn County line.  The Wisconsin DNR’s follow-up inspections found one more at the same location and six at the northeast corner of the lake.  Also in October, a single zebra mussel was found in Polk County’s Deer Lake.

An Open House About Zebra Mussels will be held May 18 4:00-8:00pm with Q & A 7:00-8:00 at the Spooner Agricultural Research Station, W6646 Hwy. 70

Zebra Mussel with ScaleThese are the first zebra mussels found in the twelve northwestern counties of Wisconsin, but they have been spreading into the eastern U.S. and Canada since they arrived in the Great Lakes in the ballast water of ships in 1988.  Click here to see a visual depiction of their rapid progression.

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