Protecting the Waters
What you can do

Join your lake association or form one

Restore/ Protect a vegetative
shoreland buffer

Follow WDNR pier regulations
in dock placement

Do not remove coarse woody debris
from near shore waters

Learn about Aquatic Invasive
Species (AIS)

Remove all AIS from boats and trailers
when leaving a lake

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Love Your Lake?  Shorelands are Important!

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Shoreland Zoning Legislation

As previously reported, WCLRA and the Washburn County Board of Supervisors are part of a movement across Wisconsin calling for the repeal of those provisions in the 2015 budget bill (Act 55) that significantly altered shoreland zoning in Wisconsin.  The most sweeping of the changes is the elimination of counties’ rights to adopt local shoreland ordinances stronger than the DNR’s minimum standards.  Click here to read our earlier article about WCLRA’s resolution or visit the Wisconsin Lakes website for a complete description of the changes and up-to-date information on the process.

On October 9, 2015, S.B. 307 was introduced by our Sen. Janet Bewley and others to completely repeal the shoreland zoning changes and restore local control.  Rep. Nick Milroy a co-sponsor of this bill.

In addition, the Plum Lake Association in Vilas County has hired a pair of experts, attorney Bill O’Connor and lobbyist Mary Panzer, to draft and promote a bi-partisan bill.  This effort has been supported by numerous other lake associations including WCLRA.  Their bill, which reportedly may call for a partial repeal,

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