Coronavirus Impacts

Coronavirus Impacts Washburn County

 Safer at Home

 Wisconsin’s Governor Tony Evers has issued a “Safer at Home” order limiting travel within the state and ordering the temporary closure of non-essential businesses.  The order will remain in effect until 8 a.m. on April 24.  Click here to read the full text of the order.

A day earlier, Washburn County Health Department issued a travel advisory for second home owners and seasonal residents of Washburn County.  Click here to read that advisory.  For more information from Washburn County government about local impacts of the outbreak click here.

Wisconsin Lakes & Rivers Convention

 The 2020 statewide convention will be online April 1-3.  The online program will closely follow the agenda planned for the in-person convention.  People who originally registered for the in-person convention will be “entered” as participants of the new online format. New registrants can REGISTER NOW for a nominal fee. All those who are registered for this online learning event will receive log-in information for their sessions by email the week of the event.

Wisconsin Conservation Congress

 The Wisconsin Conservation Congress (WCC) will also be an online-only event.  Voting on this year’s questions will be April 13-16 online.  Click here for more information and a link to the online voting.

Question #50 before this year’s congress pertains to boating safety on small lakes.  The wording of this question is confusing.  The author of this question provides the following explanation:

The 100-foot-from-shore no-wake law is a good rule.  [The intent of the question is NOT to make any alteration to the 100-foot slow, no-wake zone.]  Unfortunately, it caused an unforeseen problem for our smallest lakes. That’s because, due to the new law, a typical, round, 50-acre lake lost 14 acres of surface water previously legal for fast boating.  On 50- to 70-acre lakes, this concentrated fast boating to a dangerously small area, placing boaters, anglers, and swimmers at risk.  Therefore, the minimum size lake for fast boating should be 64 acres, not 50 as the law now stands.

Approval of this question would send legislators a message asking them to work with the WCC to make Wisconsin’s small lakes safer for all.  Vote YES on question #50 if you agree.