WCLRA Reaches Out To County Shore Land Owners

Click here  to see our publication encouraging individual actions to protect our waters This summer WCLRA produced an interesting 8-page publication designed to show how everyone can help to protect the beautiful waters of our county.  Created with input from many, the publication details a variety of projects that are relatively easy to undertake.  In […]

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Shoreland Zoning Summary

As previously reported, dramatic changes have been made to shoreland zoning in the past year.  The most sweeping of the changes is the elimination of counties’ rights to adopt local shoreland ordinances stronger than the DNR’s minimum standards. Click here to read a summary of those changes prepared by Wisconsin Lakes association. Information on these […]

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Shoreland Zoning Legislation

As previously reported, WCLRA and the Washburn County Board of Supervisors are part of a movement across Wisconsin calling for the repeal of those provisions in the 2015 budget bill (Act 55) that significantly altered shoreland zoning in Wisconsin.  The most sweeping of the changes is the elimination of counties’ rights to adopt local shoreland ordinances […]

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WCLRA Urges Return to Local Control of Shoreland Zoning

On September 18, 2015, Washburn County Lakes and Rivers Association (WCLRA) passed a resolution, shown below, urging the immediate repeal of Act 55, Sections 1922 D through 1922K, amending Wisconsin Statue 59.692 as it pertains to shoreland zoning.  At their October meeting, the Washburn County Board of Supervisors passed a similar resolution.  WCLRA and Washburn […]

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Love Your Lake? Shorelands are Important!

Loons in bay Shover - web small

Washburn County is blessed with many high quality lakes.  Unfortunately, this is not true for some parts of Wisconsin.  So what makes Washburn County lakes so attractive to those who enjoy time in and on them?  What have landowners, lake associations, and government agencies done to preserve and enhance the quality of our public waters? […]

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WCLRA’s 2015 Annual Meeting

2015 AGM speakers

Adrian Wydheven and Sarah Boles featured at WCLRA’s 2015 annual meeting This year’s Annual General Meeting was held at the Shell Lake Community Center.  During the brief business meeting, a review of the 2014 AGM minutes and a financial report were given. The following people were elected to WCLRA Board of Directors: Craig Walkey, Barb Robinson, […]

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